At their meeting in Budapest on 13 December 2021, the Heads of Government of the Visegrad Group countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen co-operation in the field of space research and the peaceful use of outer space.

The dynamic growth of the space sector calls for closer cooperation between the four Central European countries in this research-intensive area. Several successful V4 projects have been implemented already: business meetings and networking events, as well as joint V4 appearances at international fairs.

Based on the Prime Ministers’ agreement, the V4 states will share experience, foster academic, scientific and industry cooperation in space related research, development and innovation, and support the forming of joint consortiums to increase the competitiveness of our space industry in international space programs and tenders. V4 countries will also examine the feasibility of launching joint space projects, and work together to increase the visibility of the Visegrad Space Cooperation outside of Central Europe. The closer cooperation of the Visegrad Group countries’ space sectors will contribute to the growth and strengthening of our space industry, and play a key role in increasing the cohesion and the competitiveness of Central Europe.