V4+2 Good Governance Forum

14-15 October Budapest

The Hungarian V4 Presidency hosted the 6th Good Governance Forum in a V4+Bulgaria, Romania format in Budapest focusing on experiences in digital public administration, present practices and future development trends, cutting red tape, innovative solutions tackling COVID-19 challenges and smart cities and regions. 

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2nd V4+Egypt Summit in Budapest

12 October 2021

The 2nd V4+Egypt Summit took place in Budapest under the Hungarian V4 Presidency on 12 Oct 2021, where Prime Ministers discussed migration-related developments, the fight against terrorism and the regional situation in the Middle East and North Africa.

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V4+Egypt Foreign Ministers meeting

11 October 2021

V4+Egypt Foreign Ministers met in Budapest for the third time in the history of the cooperation to discuss regional challenges, the latest developments on migration, terrorism and energy-related issues. The aim of the Foreign Ministers' programme was to prepare the 2nd V4+Egypt Summit on 12 October. 

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Customs Directors General of the V4 met in Győr

6-8 October 2021

At the V4 Customs Directors’ General meeting hosted by the National Tax and Customs Administration in Győr on 6-8 October 2021 a joint statement was adopted on the Hungarian proposal for expert cooperation on the Customs Union Performance measurement and approved the work plan as the basis for customs cooperation for the years 2021-2022.

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V4QA Forum launched in Budapest

7 October 2021

On 7 October 2021 the leaders of the higher education quality assurance agencies of the four Visegrád countries signed a Memorandum establishing the Visegrad Four Quality Assurance Forum (V4QA Forum) in Budapest.

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