On 23 February a high-level tourism meeting was held in a virtual format with the participation of V4 representatives. Government officials discussed current tourism policy issues in the V4 countries, fields of cooperation among V4 markets, and the future of data-driven tourism. Sustainability and health tourism were also on the agenda. At the end of the meeting the parties also signed a protocol on cooperation in the field of tourism.

The event was hosted by Csaba Dömtör, Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary. The Visegrad countries were represented at the level of state secretaries as well: the Slovak delegation was headed by Katarína Bruncková, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Construction, the Czech side was represented by David Kopitz, Deputy Minister for Ministry of Regional Development, from Poland Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism attended the meeting.