The 2022 V4+Japan Seminar was held online with the sub-topic of "The Future of Central Europe and the Role Japan Can Play There". Government officials and experts reviewed the two-decade history of relations between Japan and the V4 countries and the extensive cooperation the parties have developed. Participants also discussed the situation in Ukraine and future areas of cooperation, including R&D, and support for the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe through the Visegrad Fund.

The event included welcoming speeches by Kentaro Uesugi, Deputy Minister for Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Yozo Fujino, President of Josai University and H.E. Norbert Palanovics, Ambassador of Hungary to Japan. The closing speeches were delivered by Katsuro Kitagawa, V4 Ambassador and Deputy Director General for European Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Mr Kenji Sugibayashi, President of Josai International University. On the Hungarian side, Krisztina Varju, Deputy State Secretary for the Development of European Relations, gave a presentation.