V4 Startup Force Mentor Programme 2022

Application is now open to the 2022 Spring edition of the V4 Startup Force Mentor Program, a flagship project supported by the International Visegrad Fund since 2018, providing training and business networking support to selected young entrepreneurs from the V4 countries through inspirational events, access to local accelerators, startups from other industries and potential clients.

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V4 + Germany Defence Ministers’ Meeting

21 March 2022

The Hungarian V4 Presidency organised a V4+Germany defence ministers' meeting in Brussels, on the margins of the FAC/Defence Ministerial meeting on 21 March 2022. Ministers discussed the war in Ukraine and current issues related to defence cooperation within the EU and NATO.

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Visegrad 4 Ukraine Programme Lanuched

Based on the decision of V4 Prime Ministers, the 'Visegrad 4 Ukraine' special programme was launched by the Visegrad Fund to jointly support refugees from Ukraine. The call for projects was met by huge interest and was successfully concluded, awarding 1 million EUR in total to 72 projects to be implemented in the the V4 countries or Ukraine to improve the living conditions of war refugees.
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Foreign Minister of Japan receives V4 Ambassadors

17 March 2022

Japanese Foreign Minister, Hayashi Yoshimasa received the V4 Ambassadors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Parties discussed the situation in Ukraine and V4+Japan long-term cooperation. The minister expressed his appreciation of the V4 countries' actions to alleviate the humanitarian crisis linked to the war in Ukraine, especially as regards receiving refugees, and V4 assistance in the evacuation of Japanese citizens.

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V4+Japan Joint Science Diplomacy Seminar

9 March 2022

Organised by the Hungarian V4 Presidency, a joint diplomacy seminar was held in Budapest on 9 March 2022 with the participation of experts and government officials from Japan and the V4 countries. The program aimed to introduce the multilevel collaboration of the V4 and Japan, from basic research to technological innovation. The 1st session shared views and information on the V4+Japan automotive industry, with special focus on automated driving technology, while the 2nd session introduced the collaboration via Joint call for proposals to enhance scientific cooperation on material science.

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